what is coaching

Coaching is a method of a personal and carrier growth through a specifically guided interview, where the hidden abilities of a client are activated and blocks hindering him to realise his potential are eliminated.

What happens on a coaching session?

In the atmosphere of trust and support client is given sets of questions and a space to think through, find out and define his desires and goals, realize and explore his options also from angles, which he normally does not look from, brainstorm and create solutions and work out a plan of step how to achieve his dreams.

Who is coach?

Coach is your guide who leads the interview, offer suitable techniques, poses pointed questions, reflects and listens to you also in between the lines. He creates the atmosphere of trust and activates your potential to move forward and find the solutions without suggesting his own ideas, solutions or points of view.

During the session, coach makes the notes for you, which he renders to you after that, where he notes your wishes, thoughts, suggestions and plans, so that you can “think aloud” without distraction.

Who needs coaching?

Coaching is good for everybody who desires to grow and develop, to know himself better, solve dilemmas, or move towards his dreams – simply everyone who wants a change and is willing to work on it. Coaching points you to positive, to future and to what “you can and may change”, it releases your creative potential. If you want to solve your challenges and goals and you are honestly willing to dig gold from your inner-self, coaching is here right for you.

If you like to try something new, or you are curious, how much it is hidden inside of you and you want to experience encouragement and increase your self-confidence from how much you are able to do, do not hesitate and try.

How many and often are the sessions recommended?

Usually 5-15 sessions, frequency varies: it can be intense, several days in a row or every few days... or slower and regular - once a week or every 2 weeks, all depending on you, the type of the goal and your own tasks.

Good coaching does not create dependency, but teaches you how to solve situations self-sufficiently.

Results of regular long-term (several months) coaching are increased self-confidence and higher ability solve your problems and challenges independently, open-mindedly and with much greater creativity and success.

After some time from the end of coaching some goals, a follow-up is recommended.

How much will it cost?

Business coaching
Life coaching

Do not forget it is an investment to you!