Mary Dwyn Sumbalova

Mary Dwyn Sumbalová – counsellor, coach, trainer

Mary Dwyn Sumbalová works as a lecturer, coach and counsellor in the area of human development. She has created and prepared different methodical training materials, the program for managerial development in TV and she has realised group trainings, individual coachings, consultations and development activities. Thanks to language talent and education she also engages in teaching English, translating and interpreting. Her passion is working with people and developing their potential, helping them unravel their hidden talents, opportunities and desires, widen their abilities, capacities and motivate them in realisation of their goals.

As a dynamic, enthusiastic and creative person, she is able to capture her audience, empathetically react to their individual needs and in friendly but achieving atmosphere enable the learning process to become fun and bring growth and results. Analytical thinking in combination with intuitive creativity, people focus as well as goal and result orientation in dynamic pace are the components of her unique approach.

Mary is certified ICF coach with experience in the area of life as well as business coaching – coaching mindset is at the heart of her approach and interest. In trainings lectures and workshops she deals with various topics, e.g. presentation and communication skills, conflict solving assertiveness and boundaries, time and stress management, work-life balance and effectiveness, discovering one´s potential, identity and purpose, leadership and managerial skills, motivation, generations and cooperation, customer service and pro-client communication, creative techniques of problem solving, adaptation of new employees and company values, journalist trainings, etc. She also offers individual and partner counselling as she loves to see people coming to a place of wholeness, meaning and happiness overcoming obstacles and unwinding underlying causes of the issues brining more freedom to be their real self. Carrier advising or preparation for interviews is also a way of helping people to find the place of win-win, where they are in the right place satisfied with the job and the company and society benefits from their talents and motivation the most. She renders her services both in Slovak and English language. In business area she has trained over 160 days of trainings and teambuildings, in non profit sector she worked with people, lead workshops, courses and teams, organizing events and interpreting seminars for 16 years; she has coached and counselled over 400 hours individually.

Besides the master degree in Therapeutic pedagogy – applied psychology field focused on creative art therapy methods in development and counselling of people, Mary also studied 2 years of General medicine, and finished also Composition of classical music in Conservatory. The very link between the neurological, psychological, artistic and spiritual aspects of human development characterizes her holistic and individual approach to the need of every person and team.

She realised projects and cooperation for: Espiral, IBM, ESET, CBI, RTVS, Johnsons control, Bratislava Counselling, Ministerstvo poľnohospodárstva SR, Developium, SPP, ZSE, Legrand, Bridge, Union, T-systems, VW, ZF, Medirex, Procare, Cesam, DTSH, Procare, PSS, CGI, Ness, Remedy, Glocco, ATT, PPC Insulators, OZ - Infocentrum SPDSM, Kaspian, YWAM...

“It is better to step to the unknown that to stay where there is nothing.”
(Spencer Johnson)

“The furthers reaches the one who never moves away from himself.”
(Reinhard K. Sprenger)