what is life coaching

Life coaching is about life, about your dreams, relationships, communication, interests, personals goals and purpose...it's about your growth in self-confidence, self-knowledge and becoming who you really ARE.

Only a person, who got to know, accepted and appreciated himself is able to bring those values to others too.

Such person is as a blossoming flower which spreads its scent all around; as a mountain which challenges to rise up and conquer yours too.

When you need to answer the questions like...

  • Where do I aim in life?
  • What is my potential? What talents do I have?
  • I want to change my job, but how to find the right one?
  • How to manage stress better?
  • How do I set my time management?
  • What do I do to learn new language?
  • What shall I do to loose wait?
  • How to solve the conflicts?
  • How to increase contentment in life?
  • What do I expect from relationship?

Who is it suitable for?

For everyone, who wants to work on himself, for women on maternity leave, for students, unemployed, people in relationships or the ones who want to find them...For people, who want to achieve success, effectiveness, profit or professionalism.